The newest dairy company in Australia, The Union Dairy Company, is proud to announce the establishment of Australias newest dairy trading house, UDC Trading.

We as a business are passionate about dairy and our customers, as we are also dairy farmers, milk processors, exporters and as to offer a complete solution in dairy we have added dairy product trading to the UDC portfolio.

We understand that the Australian domestic market needs a diverse range of dairy goods to ensure food manufacturers are producing their product with the very best available dairy solutions. Through close communication with our customers, it was made apparent to us that there is a need to deliver further value in the chain, not through marketing or clever tricks, but through a new way of thinking, delivering a lean low cost model as a focused supplier of dairy commodities.

We have partnered with Daniel Keen, as our Managing Director of UDC Trading as he has both the relevant international and domestic experience required to drive expert solutions for clients. Having been both a professional buyer and a trader of physical dairy commodities as well as experience trading and analysing futures markets Dan will be on hand to assist clients on both pricing and timing of contracts to ensure clients achieve the very best procurement outcomes.

‘We want to bring something different to the market, In an environment where retailers continue to put pressure on margins, we understand a focus needs to be put back on delivering a low cost model, marketing and self-promotion only adds to the overall costs delivered to our clients. By partnering directly with a dairy processor we will deliver on our paddock to plate commitments while positioning ourselves to secure product from all over the world to best match clients needs’.

We are open for business, please don’t hesitate to contact us on for all of your dairy needs.