About UDC

The Midfield Group is extremely proud of the partnerships it has developed with more than 3000 farmers throughout south-east South Australia and south-west Victoria. As local farmers ourselves we are committed to the land and local industry and we are dedicated to continuing our strong relationships with existing and new UDC suppliers. We are proud to continue our hands-on working relationship with our farming partners and our local management and milk supply team are accessible at times that suit our suppliers.

Why supply UDC

As a growing company focused on sustainability, in addition to local support we can offer partnering dairy farmers:

  • Smooth seasonal pricing and cash flow payments
  • Multiple monthly payments
  • Guaranteed minimum full year milk price
  • Competitive milk price
  • Buying groups to reduce input costs for feed/fert/electricity
  • No shares or investment required to get the best price for your farming system
  • Farm to your farm and get the best price for your farming system
  • Step ups are retrospective for all solids supplied

Interested in Becoming a Supplier

If you would like more information on being involved please fill out the form here or contact our experienced field staff.

Our team

Greg Lemmens

Greg Lemmens

General Manager - Quality

Greg grew up in the Warrnambool district and has been involved in the dairy industry for 40 years. He has a background in dairy food manufacturing and field services, including production and quality management and product development roles. Greg has worked with farmers in a number of large and small dairy companies over the last 18 years and has a thorough understanding of milk production and processing.

You can contact Greg on 0437 361 376 or info@udcmilk.com.au


Monique Jeffries

General Manager - Milk Supply

Monique’s varied career started off as a Chartered Accountant specialising in tax then moved into the analysis space as a management accountant. She spent one year in International Banking for Lloyds TSB in London before moving back to NZ to manage her family farms.

This is where she found her true passion in the dairy industry. Her experience in milk supply has come from previously working for a processor in NZ for the last 5 years looking after dairy farmers. She understands that each farming operation is different and has different requirements.

For any feedback or questions give Monique a call 0488 045 788 or email info@udcmilk.com.au

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Kym Mathew

Milk Supply Manager

Kym has had a passion for the dairy industry for 38 years. Although starting as fitter and turner at an early age, he began to find a passion for dairy as he entered into share farming at Fleurieu Peninsula. He spent many years experiencing work on multiple farms for a total of 10 years until Kym decided to expand his knowledge and become a regional dairy ambassador. From there he continued to progress and spent 7 years as a farm manager for Demo Dairy (Terang) and 7 years as a field officer for Murry Goulburn.
Kym is now part of the UDC team as a Milk Supply Manager for South Australia and has experience managing 1200 cows right down to 100. His extensive knowledge and diversity in different roles allow for expert advice, if you have a question for Kym, don’t hesitate to call.

You can contact Kym on 0488 010 513 or info@udcmilk.com.au


David Massey

Milk Supply Manager

David has had more than 25 years’ experience in the dairy industry, growing up and helping on his parent’s farm in the UK. Agriculture generally was a passion from an early age with dairy farming being a major focus. After completing formal education, he worked on a large mixed farm to gain experience before going to university where he gained a degree in agriculture.

David travelled overseas to Canada and here in Australia working in dairy and cropping for several years. He has been exposed to varied farming systems and held significant on-farm management positions, including a 10-year stint in corporate milk supply.

You can contact David on 0438 920 902 or info@udcmilk.com.au