UDC Brand

The UDC brand is The Union Dairy Company’s first and flagship brand. The UDC brand offers regular and premium grade powders made from Australian milk from free range grass fed cows.

Our Products

Premium Skim Milk Powder (SMP)

Organic probiotic milk kefir grains, Tibetan mushrooms, kefir grains in wooden spoon with glass of kefir. Rustic table setting, wooden table, spoon and cutting board.

Premium Whole Milk Powder (WMP)

  • High Heat
  • Medium Heat
  • Low Heat
  • UHT Medium Heat
  • UHT Low Spore Medium Hea
Chocolate paste on white background

Specialty range (WMP)

  • Low Spore
  • UHT



Bowl of full cream powdered milk

Dairy fats



strawberry ice cream scoops in white bowl with fresh strawberries

Sales Contact Details

Riddoch Trading Pty Ltd Trading as The Union Dairy Company
Corner Scott Street & McMeekin Road, Warrnambool, Australia 3280
1300 621 044 (within Australia)
+613 5563 4444 (international callers)

Email: info@udcmilk.com.au